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Dayna Baerg

Dayna Baerg | Consultant & Strategist | Iceberg PMC | Workflow Process Improvement and Business Analysts | North America


Chief Consultant & Strategist

Meet Dayna Baerg.

I am a Process Solutions Specialist who brings over two decades of business consulting experience to the table.

During this time, I’ve learned to always ask “why”.

Asking ‘why’ helps me determine ‘what’ needs to be done. In business as well as in my personal life, I am passionate about finding the best way of doing things, ultimately making life easier and businesses more profitable.

My experience has taught me that too many people in businesses spend their time distracted IN the business, getting bogged down and failing to work ON the business. My passion lies in helping to connect those two things so that better performance will be achieved in your business workflow.

I grew up with entrepreneurial parents who ran their businesses. They taught me to always look for improvements in everything we do. I also grew up loving hockey and learned the value of making the shortest pass to get the puck where it needed to go. I learned the value of focusing on goals and working together as a team to get there. Before I even learned what workflows and processes were in business, I was looking at ways to make things more efficient in everything. I eventually discovered that I could take this passion and interest and turn it into a career that focused on helping others find these better ways.

I graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and before landing at Iceberg Process Management Consulting, I gained a tremendous amount of experience working for large companies including Cadillac Fairview, Colliers International, Strategic Group, Shape Property Management Corp, and CIR Realty.

I am not the type of business consultant who will attempt to sell you what you do not need. I will not tell you to change everything you do. I will help you build on the business you already have, and show you how you can do what you already want to do but faster, more efficiently, and more profitably.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business and helping you grow your business. Let me be responsible for spotting bottlenecks and problems and delegating the solutions, so you can be responsible for setting goals and planning the future success of your business.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call Iceberg Process Management Consulting at (403) 860-4625 to set up a consultation today with Dayna Baerg to discuss your project and company needs!